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[11-26 10:58][Chat]Icwolfez maybe The great WINTER SLAYER SlayerClaus will great Me some!!
[11-26 10:59][Chat]Icwolfez er grant
[11-26 11:27][Chat]Icwolfez blah.. Asp climbed to 13teenth spot. might make him level to drop him back down
[11-26 11:36][Chat]Icwolfez hahaha I'm still looking for the Gothic fake tatto silk fishnetsleesve.. lol
[11-26 12:06][Chat]Icwolfez it's Harry Callahan Mack!!
[11-26 12:06][Chat]Icwolfez how ya doin Arry?
[11-26 12:07][Chat]Icwolfez Oh Shit...
[11-26 12:08][Chat]Icwolfez Oh Shit...
[11-26 12:08][Chat]Icwolfez Oh Shit... haha no way
[11-26 12:08][Chat]Harry: I'm a wizard!
[11-26 12:08][Chat]Icwolfez you get em' Arry!
[11-26 12:09][Chat]Icwolfez silver canteen
[11-26 12:09][Chat]Absinthe: oooo
[11-26 12:13][Chat]Icwolfez sings: Spell Bound from some 80's group
[11-26 12:48][Chat]Absinthe: Iecey!
[11-26 12:48][Chat]Icewolfz: an ogre di it
[11-26 12:48][Chat]Absinthe did it to an ogre!
[11-26 12:48][Chat]Absinthe: eww, sounds dirty!
[11-26 12:49][Chat]Icwolfez salutes the Over Icey of all Icewolfz
[11-26 12:49][Chat]Absinthe: Omega Ice!
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15:28, Darkday, Kortki 19, 198 AD.

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