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[06-25 19:36][Chat]Icewolfz: always a chacne of real death eve nin fake invasions due to al lteh variables
[06-25 19:36][Chat]Icewolfz: bu ti have tried to make it as safe as i can an di think i got the issues owrked out last time it failed
[06-25 19:36][Chat]Icewolfz: worse case is you die and i give you back your lost xp plus like 50 to 100% exta for skills lost
[06-26 14:35][Chat]Wham doesn't think he wants to go down.
[06-27 01:36][Chat]Soraka: how do i replace my symbol?
[06-27 11:42][Chat]Icewolfz: help abilities
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Wham: these abilities riddle me.
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Icewolfz: ?
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Wham: Middle C
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Wham: I saw your help abilities. :)
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Icewolfz: it was a replay to soraka's question
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Wham: a little word association
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Icewolfz: asked about replace symbol
[06-27 12:23][Chat]Icewolfz: ah
[06-27 13:17][Chat]Soraka: yes how i replace symbol
[06-27 13:17][Chat]Soraka: i dont know what my abilities are D:
[06-27 13:18][Chat]Soraka: nvm got it ^_^
[06-27 13:21][Chat]Icewolfz: help abilities list all the info needed to replace
[06-27 16:46][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm 8 car 2 engine train derailed
[06-27 16:54][Chat]Fizzle sizzles.
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09:39, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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