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[11-25 15:29][Monk]Xorpan: nods
[11-25 15:30][Monk]Nitupsar: its been a hot minute since I monked.
[11-25 15:30][Monk]Nitupsar: like 3 years.
[11-25 15:30][Monk]Nitupsar: and once you have tf and dragonpalm you just use those on macro buttons
[11-25 15:31][Monk]Xorpan: help dragonpalm
[11-25 15:31][Monk]Nitupsar: I'll see if I can figure out a good method in tundra with this guy
[11-25 15:32][Monk]Xorpan: call me crazy dragonpslm should be in punches.. since it doesn't take mp also
[11-25 15:32][Monk]Nitupsar: forget everything I told you
[11-25 15:32][Monk]Nitupsar: just get dark knuckles
[11-25 15:32][Monk]Xorpan huh
[11-25 15:32][Monk]Xorpan: those yeah
[11-25 15:40][Monk]Xorpan: what's this?
[11-25 15:40][Monk]Nitupsar: smash stone
[11-25 15:40][Monk]Xorpan: crazy
[11-25 15:40][Monk]Nitupsar: works anywhere tp is not disabled
[11-25 15:40][Monk]Nitupsar: if it is, it drops to the ground
[11-25 15:41][Monk]Nitupsar: much like the old hmlounge command from 1st mud
[11-25 15:41][Monk]Nitupsar: btw they aren't cheap and cost goes up with level
[11-25 15:41][Monk]Xorpan: voosh was nice
[11-25 15:41][Monk]Nitupsar: voosh exists
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13:49, Darkday, Kortki 19, 198 AD.

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