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[06-17 21:08][Fighter]Roki: thanx
[06-17 21:09][Fighter]Zanatos: we are all Family here we help one another when we can so says the Warden !
[06-17 21:10][Fighter]Roki: so says the warden...aye
[06-17 21:12][Fighter]Roki: who is the warden?
[06-17 21:14][Fighter]Zanatos: Me !
[06-17 21:14][Fighter]Roki: hehehehe
[06-17 21:15][Fighter]Zanatos: tis true check My Title !
[06-17 21:16][Fighter]Roki: so what if a am in the south? ;)
[06-17 21:17][Fighter]Roki: i am in the tundra after all
[06-17 21:18][Fighter]Zanatos: do be careful the Wolly Mammoths are alot like my X
[06-17 21:18][Fighter]Roki: thyen she better run...i am killin these wollies
[06-17 21:19][Fighter]Zanatos: heh until they kill you...I am proof of that
[06-17 21:19][Fighter]Roki: shhhhhhh
[06-17 21:19][Fighter]Roki: you'll give them ideas
[07-09 13:31][Fighter]NEWS: Keala has joined the fighters.
[07-09 13:39][Fighter]NEWS: Keala is now level 2.
[07-09 13:48][Fighter]NEWS: Keala is now level 3.
[07-09 13:56][Fighter]NEWS: Keala is now level 4.
[07-09 14:18][Fighter]NEWS: Keala is now level 5.
[07-09 14:56][Fighter]NEWS: Keala is now level 6.
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03:28, Darkday, Ketralki 19, 209 AD.

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