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[10-29 01:22][Cleric]NEWS: Syzygy is now level 83.
[10-29 01:22][Cleric]NEWS: Syzygy is now level 84.
[10-29 10:50][Cleric]NEWS: Syzygy is now level 85.
[10-31 17:53][Cleric]NEWS: Syzygy is now level 86.
[11-01 13:12][Cleric]False: post 87 from Recluse 'Battle Fatigue?' causes sp drain & oppnent takes damage trying to attack. lol
[11-01 13:14][Cleric]False: <3 Heart Rupturing <3 killing the will to fight.. hahaha
[11-15 01:32][Cleric]False: I can't remember if clerics have journeyman gods or what not.
[11-17 21:47][Cleric]False: dont journeyman or what's it called.
[11-17 21:47][Cleric]False: er clerics dont journeyman or what's it called.
[11-17 21:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: ther are pros and cons to it
[11-17 21:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: help subclassing
[11-17 21:48][Cleric]False shudders
[11-17 21:51][Cleric]False: thats right.. 8 skills that means with one faith,
[11-17 21:52][Cleric]False: everything is at 123
[11-17 21:52][Cleric]False: everything is at 123sc
[11-17 21:52][Cleric]False: 3
[11-17 21:53][Cleric]False: faith & Combat are 5, the rest is at 3
[11-17 22:07][Cleric]Ceanothus: vinetrip is this Tree hugger favorite prayer..
[11-17 22:17][Cleric]Recluse: I see that
[11-22 19:23][Cleric]False: this one is a pain.
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14:12, Darkday, Kortki 19, 198 AD.

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