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[04-19 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: you can alreayd do that
[04-19 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: 1 trigger
[04-19 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: just do ^--More-- \(\d+\)$
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Icewolfz: and do #wait time
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Icewolfz: then #sendraw %%cr
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Icewolfz: err %
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Icewolfz: err %{cr}
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Perno: hey Rmpy
[04-19 22:51][Chat]Icewolfz: granted thr igger pattenr may need ot be tested and refined
[04-19 22:52][Chat]Icewolfz: may ju8st need the ^--More--
[04-19 22:52][Chat]Icewolfz: oir use ^--More--.*$
[04-19 22:52][Chat]Icewolfz: overall 2 lines and 1 pattern wil ldo what you watn
[04-19 22:52][Chat]Rmp: I'm back
[04-19 22:53][Chat]Rmp: I was thinking more like server side after 5 or 10 seconds it just closes and returns to normal, allowing input
[04-19 22:53][Chat]Icewolfz: main issue is it would send a command return even if manully pressed
[04-19 22:53][Chat]Icewolfz: cant do antying server side
[04-19 22:53][Chat]Icewolfz: there is no way to interrupt the more system with a command from the mud
[04-19 22:53][Chat]Rmp: i realize that's really old code that does it and probably a real pita to do, but would be cool.
[04-19 22:54][Chat]Icewolfz: its not a pita it is not possible literly not possible
[04-19 22:54][Chat]Rmp: sure there is, but it has to come from core driver level to kill the process
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08:41, Vaigday, Denki 5, 207 AD.

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