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[10-31 19:25][RP]Old man: seek the cold caves
[10-31 19:26][RP]Old man: the graveyard hidden in the great valley!
[10-31 19:27][RP]Asp: Hidden in a valley.. are we allowed to share ideas on the hints?
[10-31 19:27][RP]Icewolfz: your in this togather
[10-31 19:28][RP]Icewolfz: you have an invasion line as well to work toather
[10-31 20:14][RP]Old man: i hear the number 5 repeated over and over, that leads to one!
[10-31 20:15][RP]Old man: seek where the dead lie in the great valley!
[05-18 19:39][RP]Brutus: I'm not into girls, sucks to be you.
[05-18 19:39][RP]An incubus drains your life!
[05-18 19:39][RP]Brutus: lol.
[10-31 17:23][RP]Rungld Mc'gre: I will feast on your bones!
[10-31 17:23][RP]Amazon: not todayyyyy
[10-31 17:24][RP]Violator cackles!
[10-31 17:24][RP]Nozo d'gre will drink your blood!
[10-31 17:25][RP]Krusti will make you all into burgers!
[10-31 17:26][RP]Homey farts in your direction
[10-31 17:27][RP]Smellywise burps on you!
[10-31 17:28][RP]A chibi klown steals your nose!
[10-31 17:29][RP]Nozo taunts you!
[10-31 17:29][RP]Recluse: ok it appears edelmoed is clear
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05:58, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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