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[12-10 12:54][RP]Pohaku: kicks this line
[01-06 15:25][RP]Y'ra eyes Anidea.
[01-06 15:25][RP]Y'ra sharpens her blade for next time they meet.
[01-09 21:08][RP]Arbach taunts you!
[01-09 21:08][RP]Falstaff flashes Arbach.
[01-15 11:38][RP]False: feels Phaedrus Bonk him from a far
[01-15 11:38][RP]False: I will do Better..
[01-15 11:38][RP]Alatar: It's ok to fail on chat. Do not fail here. :)
[01-15 11:39][RP]Stitch comforts False.
[01-15 11:40][RP]False prays devotedly for the Coming Strive & challenges
[01-15 13:03][RP]False plugs his ears as y'all can hear the gnome Yelling in the background. though like most things it's unintelligible
[01-15 13:08][RP]False runs from a Roaring gnome.
[01-15 13:09][RP]False crawls towards the cleric hall for safety..
[01-15 13:10][RP]Leona wonders what happened to False
[01-15 13:10][RP]False Asp is crazy..
[01-28 23:59][RP]Zombie King: seek me, find the key, see the under grave, the cursed lands, the trees in the forest, the cave of glass, and the river of red!
[01-29 00:01][RP]Zombie King: 5 peices to my keey, seek them out and come find me!
[01-29 00:10][RP]Leona: Yarrr! last
[01-29 00:12][RP]Zombie King: seek me where the nightmare roams!
[01-29 00:32][RP]Zombie King: seek me, find my key, seek the under water grave, the cursed lands, the trees in the forest, the cave of cold glass, and the river of red!
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17:11, Vaigday, Sartki 20, 196 AD.

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