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[10-31 22:55][RP]Zombie: braiinnsss.....
[10-31 22:55][RP]Alt: lol
[10-31 22:55][RP]A zombie looks at alt and turns around.
[10-31 22:55][RP]Zombie: braiinnsss.....
[11-08 20:17][RP]Ulga waves club
[11-08 20:18][RP]Ahn: waves knife
[11-08 20:18][RP]Mohre: test
[11-08 20:19][RP]Ahn: u passs
[11-08 20:20][RP]An old mane waves a knife
[11-08 20:21][RP]Mick Dunee: you call that a knife? now this is a knife.
[11-08 20:21][RP]Mick Dunee pulls out a 15 inch serrated blade
[11-09 22:25][RP]Alt: working to make Tundra safe for others.
[11-09 22:26][RP]An ice wizard cackles.
[11-09 22:28][RP]An ice wizard melts.
[11-23 18:00][RP]Alt: need some free XP and can withstand the cold in Tundra ?
[11-23 18:01][RP]Alt: if so, I can walk you around for a bit while I trash it.
[11-27 21:04][RP]Goblin raiders cackle
[11-27 21:29][RP]Ztamog mocks and taunts you all!
[12-04 16:19][RP]Sahar: test
[12-04 16:22][RP]Am: Yeah mids and HM have RP but not newbies. Strange way to prevent newbies from roleplaying. :/
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09:36, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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