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[10-31 17:38][RP]A khibi klown steals your armor!
[10-31 18:21][RP]Treebeard mutters about interlopers
[12-28 19:09][RP]Zanatos: hey there
[12-28 19:10][RP]Wizzard: hey
[12-28 19:10][RP]Wizzard: you smell...ugly fiter.
[12-28 19:10][RP]Zanatos: wha did I do :P
[02-23 23:06][RP]Wizzard: Nova - do you have any hot cleric news?
[02-23 23:06][RP]Nova: not that i know of?
[02-23 23:06][RP]Wizzard: you aren't role playing well... lol
[02-23 23:09][RP]Nova: well, I've been out of it for while. I barely know what I'm doing, much less what any hot cleric's been doing
[02-23 23:10][RP]Wizzard: The immortals have decided to fix some things in the tundra and red plains that have allowed more Xp
[02-23 23:10][RP]Wizzard: and more potential to die.
[04-15 01:00][RP]An ogre leader picks his teeth with a finger bone.
[09-28 22:34][RP]Arbach cackles and taunts you weaklings.
[10-26 00:16][RP]An old man falls over dead.
[10-31 20:39][RP]Dracula: blah blah i want ot drink your blood!
[10-31 20:51][RP]A flagling rises!
[10-31 20:52][RP]A flegling burst from the ground.
[10-31 20:55][RP]Chip me!
[10-31 21:19][RP]Dracula: blah blah i will drink your blood!
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07:42, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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