Monument ShadowMUD


[07-30 12:44][RP]Chocobo: boococococ!!!
[08-28 11:08][RP]Harry: I'm Ben Affleck! Err, I'm Batman!
[08-28 11:09][RP]Tkhar: Batman will never recover form Daredevil! Err Ben Affleck
[10-26 16:53][RP]Ra:
[10-26 16:53][RP]Ra:
[10-26 16:53][RP]Icewolfz:
[12-01 17:21][RP]Ra: kotonio
[12-01 17:21][RP]Icewolfz: summoners
[02-03 17:22][RP]Icewolfz pokes Ambrose in the ribs.
[02-03 17:23][RP]Dara glances around this line
[02-24 00:26][RP]Asp sneaks across the roof tops..
[02-24 00:27][RP]Icewolfz: spider gnome!
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11:46, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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