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[04-08 20:57][Chat]Amazon: mama is home maybe
[04-08 21:02][Chat]Amazon unleashes a tirade of stuffed unicorns on you all!
[04-08 21:04][Chat]Amazon does a pulse check.
[04-08 21:05][Chat]Kill whips out his unicorn repellent.
[04-08 21:05][Chat]Kill sprays liberally.
[04-08 21:05][Chat]A unicorn rips out Kill's heart.
[04-08 21:05][Chat]Amazon laffs.
[04-08 21:06][Chat]Amazon: do ya think a spray repels unicorns? That's like the deer whistles on the cars.
[04-08 21:07][Chat]Amazon sprays Kill repellant yet look at the deaths list. Bro..No..
[04-08 21:07][Chat]Amazon sells an Axe sent called Bro No
[04-08 21:08][Chat]Amazon: scent too
[04-08 21:08][Chat]Kill stays alive pretty well!
[04-08 21:09][Chat]Kill: Don't taze me, bro!
[04-08 21:10][Chat]Amazon: bc you dont use axe do ya.. you get the good stuff like which level are ya.. brut, old spice and stetson or the real drakkar and up
[04-08 21:11][Chat]Kill used to be a Preferred Stock man shortly in college.
[04-08 21:11][Chat]Amazon: its boss by tommy hilfiger isnt it
[04-08 21:12][Chat]Amazon: thats a trick question, its hugo boss
[04-08 21:16][Chat]Amazon: no takers on the arena.. the persona is stronger than the char js
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09:52, Shadowday, Denki 16, 195 AD.

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