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[11-21 15:42][Rogue]Shivver: wooo!
[11-21 15:52][Rogue]NEWS: Intoll is now level 50.
[11-21 23:35][Rogue]NEWS: Stone is now level 43.
[11-22 09:26][Rogue]Intoll ponders, yeah Feedback is getting weaker as I level up skills.
[11-22 09:27][Rogue]Intoll wasn't making that up from 36-45.. now 45-50 it doesn't do as much either.
[11-22 09:27][Rogue]Prime: Hey Intoll :)
[11-22 09:27][Rogue]Intoll: Hey
[11-22 09:27][Rogue]Intoll: Something whack in the code.
[11-22 09:28][Rogue]Intoll: Gotta be something small
[11-22 09:29][Rogue]Intoll used to one shot at 45, groups of 4 muskox, every time.. Now its 2 with a significant less amount of damage
[11-22 09:29][Rogue]Intoll: Same buffs
[11-22 09:29][Rogue]Intoll: Faeriespeed, tune and battlehymn
[11-22 09:29][Rogue]Intoll: Except my stats and skills are significantly higher.
[11-22 09:30][Rogue]Intoll: Just have ice look this over, because its consistent and I'm not making this up from my perspective..significant damage loss over time
[11-22 09:30][Rogue]Intoll: Over time meaning, as I level.... NOT the amount of things I'm fighting with one song.
[11-22 09:31][Rogue]Intoll: Things that used to take one song and now taking significantly less damage with one song and now require two songs.
[11-22 09:31][Rogue]Intoll: Not a huge deal, but broken imo, since its just another cast.
[11-22 09:32][Rogue]Intoll: And I know, he won't be on until around 2... but, just putting this out there.
[11-22 09:35][Rogue]Intoll hmms, are you sure it's not coded to get 10% weaker when we get strong enough to hit another target instead of 10% weaker on same cast?
[11-22 09:35][Rogue]Intoll thinks that might be what is happening from the looks of it.
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09:03, Darkday, Praxi 19, 202 AD.

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