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[11-01 10:06][Mage]Delthul: Look at room descriptions for the tower and follow to it
[11-01 10:06][Mage]Delthul: If you get to the elves entrance city, go out of that then north a couple and north west
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Delthul: When you see the hobgoblin go west and there are a lot of undead there, he's in a tower in that area
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Kelvin: found it..
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Delthul: They don't attack
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Delthul: Cool
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Delthul: Yeah, I just learned lichtouch and poisoncloud
[11-01 10:07][Mage]Kelvin: nice
[11-01 10:08][Mage]Delthul: I'm a little hesitant to use poisoncloud though as it spreads and hits all
[11-01 10:08][Mage]Kelvin: been grinding for my skills lately
[11-01 10:08][Mage]Delthul: Cool, I'm caught up just working on 3 more str stat points
[11-01 10:08][Mage]Delthul: Then I'm maxxing stats on Static
[11-01 10:08][Mage]Delthul: Then comparing the two mages and picking one
[11-01 10:09][Mage]Delthul: I'm leaning towards Necro though (this guy)
[11-01 10:10][Mage]Delthul: Siverd if you have any questions type mage (message) and we can try to answer them
[11-01 10:10][Mage]Delthul: or chat
[11-01 10:10][Mage]Delthul: or newbie for the newbie channel
[11-01 12:57][Mage]NEWS: Kelvin is now level 41.
[11-02 11:26][Mage]NEWS: Static is now level 41.
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05:30, Darkday, Ketralki 19, 209 AD.

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